OYM Radio: An Interview with Michael of Bernicia


Alan and Steve welcome Michael of Bernicia to the OYM Radio Sunday night show, during which he breaks down the anatomy of institutionalised mortgage fraud and discusses the forthcoming release of The Great British Mortgage Swindle, a hard-hitting shockumentary feature film about the crimes of the banksters and the genocide of eviction.

During the interview, Michael discusses the four year, on-going battle for justice over void mortgages he has fought with his father in her majesty’s courts, which recently resulted in a high court ruling which has provided every UK mortgagor with a powerful defence to a possession claim: a mortgagor is not estopped from relying on the defects in the execution of the mortgage deed [documents]. 

In layman’s terms, that means that every mortgage deed which is invalidly signed, witnessed or dated is illegal and void, along with every purported mortgage contract which does not contain its terms [or refer to another document which contains them] and/or is not signed by both parties to the contract.

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