Anarcho-Mission Statement


Anarcho-Mission Statement

Anarchy is a moral argument for the voluntary association of self-governed people in every community; arguing in favour of democratic government is therefore necessarily an immoral stance, no matter how one dresses it up in empty political rhetoric, since every such government uses violence and intimidation to achieve the subjugation of those who refuse to consent to its policies; whilst the corporatist ethos that grants the corporation more rights and protections than any government or monarchy would ever deem the people worthy of, is the amoral position, which has been adopted by the vast majority of those who are subject to increasingly centralised technocratic governments, each of which employs increasingly aggressive corporatist policies, cloaked in deliberately misleading democratic principles, in order to crush all forms of opposition to a system of control which has been imposed upon mankind in slow motion, over the course of the last two hundred and fifty years.

In short, only a moral alternative, which exists outside of the control grid, with the capability of facilitating a voluntary association all indigenous nations of peoples and preserving their ancient or modern cultures,  would be capable of causing the kind of mass exodus that would disarm the system of the power it currently holds over us all, with mathematical precision.

The Universal Community Mission [The Mission] was founded in the spring of 2009, for the purposes of facilitating the development of Universal Community Trust [UCT], a free association of anarcho-nations, the indigenous peoples of which established their independence and sovereignty by ratifying an international treaty on the summer solstice in 2012. is The Mission’s open source repository of research and media content delving into the subjects of our times, from Natural Law and Self-Determination, to the rise of the Huxwellian Police State, proven Equitable Remedies, contemporary Case Studies of various subjects and ancient Ourstories.

It is the result of more than a decade’s worth of research and development, which has been funded by the generosity of those who appreciate the work that we do, and has given birth to a series of projects, trusts and compacts, each of which aims to inform and inspire the indigenous peoples of the Earth to rise up and form sovereign independent anarcho-nations; to step out of the system of totalitarian control and embark upon the path of Self-Determination, under the general principles of Natural Law, as is their unalienable right.

May the resources of The Self-Realisation Community be of benefit to you on your own unique journey of experience. In a world of compliant government slaves, dominated by corporatist psychopaths, best not to waste time looking for answers where the Sun never shines.

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