Treaty of Universal Community Trust


If you have never heard of UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY TRUST, please don’t watch the video recording of the Treaty until you have seen the one posted below:

An Introduction to UCT


This Treaty was opened for ratification on the 62nd day of 313th year of Dwapara (Ascending) [21 June 2012] and has thus far been duly ratified by twenty six independent sovereign nations of indigenous peoples from the Islands of Britain and North America, with several others having expressed the intent to do so at the earliest opportunity, thereby establishing the supreme jurisdiction of UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY TRUST upon the Earth, under the guiding principles of Natural Law.

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Credits for the beautiful vistas of the British Isles must be given to Aerial Britain, whist the trip through the universe comes courtesy of BBC Science & Nature, which are included in this video under a FAIR USE NOTICE.

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