Memorandum of Understanding: UCT & HM Government


A video recording for posterity of the Memorandum of Understanding between HM Government and the indigenous, independent, sovereign nations standing under Universal Community Trust .

On 03 March 2013 CE, six months had passed since the Secretary of State to the Foreign Office received a copy of the Treaty of UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY TRUST, for and on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government, following its original ratification on 21 June 2012 CE. Twenty-eight independent nations have now fulfilled the accession criteria, with many others having expressed a willingness to do so.

Under the authority granted to me by the founding sovereign nations standing under UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY TRUST, the following presentment was dispatched to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace by special delivery on 15 March 2013 CE, in acknowledgement of the acquiescence of Her Majesty’s Government to the terms, aims and objectives of the Treaty, as well as its implicit recognition of the independence, sovereignty and jurisdiction established by its ratification, under the well established principles of the Law of Nations.

Transcript & References
Implicit recognition of Sovereignty
Treaty of Universal Community Trust
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