Please show your support and appreciation for the work of the Universal Community Mission [The Mission], in whatever way you are able to do so.

Option 1 – Gifts in Centralised Currency

If you are able to make a financial gift to show your support and appreciation of the ongoing research, development and distribution of information which is made freely available across all media platforms, please support us as generously as you can below:


Option 2 – Gifts in Cryptocurrency

If you have downloaded a Bitcoin or Lightcoin Wallet and have peer-to-peer, open-source electronic cryptocurrency at your disposal, ready to send in support of The Mission’s efforts to achieve its aims and objectives, please give to one or more of the addresses below:

Bitcoin: 19YJP64qREpvVSaHctfzM3Uer1kUPDr7Fe

Lightcoin: LXcFEgjgQqU6tWB2gbUKSCQ5FDiDxtp5f1

Option 3 РTime, Energy  and/or Resources

In the event that you would prefer to support The Mission with your time, energy and/or resources, feel free to write a positive review of the Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast and post it on Itunes, a WordPress blog or your own website; promote the content posted on this site by sharing it across your social media networks; or volunteer to organise and promote a speaking event, conference or convention for The Self-Realisation Community at a venue near where you live, in which case please fill out the contact form below.

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Many thanks for showing your support and appreciation, in whatever ways you are able. It is always gratefully appreciated, as the content on this website and related channels is made available for free across all multimedia formats, so that the information presented has the greatest chance of reaching the greatest number of people.

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