Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast #009: Run-Away Grand Jury


This is Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast #009: Run-Away Grand Jury, in which the Michaels of Bernicia and Deira disseminate the nature of the Common Law Grand Jury, which is beyond the jurisdiction of any centralised government and is therefore immune from abolition. The podcast also features a heart-felt diatribe from The Bernician on the subjects of the on-going genocides being committed against the indigenous people of Britain and the rest of the Earth, as well as no-nonsense commentary on the obviously “rigged” Scottish Independence Referendum and the devastating consequences of allowing the entire common law justice system to fall into the hands of expensively educated white-collar criminals; and ultimately, the identification of the Last Remedy Standing: Grand Jury Grand Jury Grand Jury!

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