Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast #008: The Case for Sovereign Independence


This is a Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast of Michael O’Bernicia’s dissemination of international laws and conventions which acknowledge, affirm and recognise that all indigenous peoples upon the Earth have the unalienable right to declare Sovereign Independence, whether as an individual or part of an organisation, association or collective. This is juxtaposed with powerfully damning allegations of genocide against tyrannical collectivist government operatives, as well as commentary on the progress of the community of sovereign independent indigenous anarchonations, otherwise known as Universal Community Trust.


Bouvier’s Law Dictionary

The Doctrine of Micro Sovereignty

Miscellaneous International Laws & Conventions

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Treaty of Universal Community Trust

Implicit Recognition of the Sovereignty & Independence of UCT


Any copyrighted material in this video is included under a Fair Use Notice, for educational purposes only.

The wonderful music is once again provided by Litmus A Freeman, which you can check out for free at the link below:

Litmus on Soundcloud

Special thanks to David Dees for the free use of his provocative illustrations, which can be perused below:

David Dees Illustration

Many thanks to Michael O’Deira for providing the eviction footage. Please visit his website at the link below:

Rogue Male

In fond memory of Mahboob Momen, whose warm presence on the Earth is sadly missed.

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