The Prologue: An Introduction to the Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast


The Prologue is an introduction to the Self-Realisation Community’s Wake-The-Feck-Up Podcast series, hosted by The Bernician. The objective of each podcast is to provide the audience with at least one good reason to Wake-The-Feck-Up, in a world dominated by pirates, usurpers and mass murderers, with a view to applying the tools of critical thinking to each subject discussed and providing the audience with the means to download written, audio and video versions of each podcast, as well as any and all references which can be freely published.

The rousing music comes with the kind permission of Litmus A Freeman and can be downloaded at Project Freeman.

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  1. Hello Michael.
    I’ve been reaching out to UCT and individual community trusts at the UCT site to speak with someone who can help me with the benefit of understanding and experience.
    I’m hoping someone involved with the Universal Community Trust can respond to my call
    I founded a Family trust in 2012 under the guidelines of UCT with the understanding that there is a supporting network of humans to communicate with and discuss matters of relevance.
    Due to life circumstances I havnt been actively involved in action or developments in regard to UCT however I have been fully active within my own spheres of influence.

    Please respond to my call.

    Jon ,