Violent Eviction by Criminal Police


“We got thrown out the house in a ridiculous raid, my mum was dragged down the stairs bruising her back and then dumped on the pavement in the rain and was told she can just lie there or piss off somewhere.[it] happened 5:30[am], no knocking at the door first, petrol grinders attacking both front and back, same HCEO company “the sheriffs office”, the one who assaulted me before and broke in.”

The above statement was sent to me by my friend, Mike [M.P.A.], following the terrifying and violent eviction of himself and his mother Elizabeth, by the corporatist police state, in protection of the interests of a criminal banking enterprise. This terrorist attack on their home took place before dawn and without notice, on Tuesday 07/01/2014, despite the fact that Mike and Elizabeth have emphatically demonstrated to the Land Registry and Her Majesty’s Courts that the bankster in question does not have a valid and legally enforceable mortgage to enforce and has committed fraud in procuring the void possession order, which was enforced upon the order of the High Court in spite of the facts.

If, after watching the raw video footage below, it does not make you angry that such tyranny is carried out on these shores so routinely by thugs with guns, tasers and petrol grinders, then you are clearly content to risk such blatant criminality landing on your doorstep without warning in the middle of the night.

Only the people can put an end to such tyranny. Anybody telling you anything else is selling you snake-oil.

By any means necessary

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