Cesium Poisoning: The Deadly Legacy of Gangsters in Tiaras


BERKELEY, CA – In response to a question from a viewer from Canada, independent scientist and radiation expert  has stated that Fukushima Radiation has made Hawaii and the Pacific islands unsafe for human habitation and swimming in the adjacent Pacific Ocean.

Ms. Moret stated, “Anyone with a desire to stay healthy should never go to Hawaii or any Pacific islands in our lifetime.  One of the main Pacific Ocean currents is carrying the radiation from Fukushima directly east across the Pacific Ocean – and Hawaii is one of the places it goes carrying all that death and sickness.  Also, the Cesium-137 levels have been increasing over time on the tsunami debris field spread from China to the west coast of N. America.  Please see the map [above] on Cesium 137 levels being carried across the Pacific Ocean.


Map showing Kiroshio Current

 Leuren Moret continued, “Here is a very good map of the Pacific Ocean currents that shows the Kiroshio Current that originates near Taiwan and flows north to Japan and then splits east out into the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and north of Hawaii.  This is the largest current in the world, 75 km wide and 3500′ deep.  It travels at 3-9 km/hr, and would fill up Lake Superior if it was empty in 1 1/2 days.  This current is feeding radiation to the tsunami debris field, daily increasing the levels of Cesium-137 (an indicator isotope since there are nearly 2000 different isotopes coming out of Fukushima).  Cesium is a particularly dangerous isotope because it concentrates in the heart and it takes very little to cause heart trouble and a very rapid death.”

“I have discussed weekly obituaries for young students in the Daily Cal during an interview I did with Alfred Lambremont Webre last Fall 2013, [Watch interview below]” Ms. Moret stated.  “There are frequent obituaries on students who died from mysterious ailments and they were in their late teens or early 20’s.  One of them was a beautiful young athlete who surfed all summer in 2012 and she dropped dead from a heart attack (Cesium) a few months after she came back from Hawaii.

Ms. Moret stated, “I hope this helps.  Do not go to any Pacific Islands in the future.”

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