The Dawn of the Bankster Apocalypse


As many of the people who follow my posts already know, I am currently engaged in fighting one of the most clear cases of judicial collusion I have ever witnessed, over the claim of fraud upon the court which the trustees of my family’s property trust served [along with particulars] in the of Autumn last year, after originally filing the claim form in July, the day before an Extended Civil Restrain Order [ECRO] purportedly came into force, which purports to prevent the trustees and my trade-name from making any applications to the high and county courts in any matter, without first seeking the permission of HHJ Behrens QC in the former and District Judge Atherton in the latter.

All the available evidence and almost five years of front-line experience has somewhat inevitably revealed that least four senior judges are clearly conspiring to shut the claim down, for the simple reason that it became open to the trustees [my Dad and one other remaining] to apply for default judgment in mid-December, when the bankster and their LPA Pirates failed to file a defence to the allegation that they have perpetrated frauds upon the court by lying under oath to procure judgment in previous high court proceedings between the parties, having already been given extra time to do so. The void ECRO has now been on appeal to the court of appeal without a hearing since early August 2013, most of which has been spent waiting for a transcript of the preposterous judgment from Norris J, the Vice Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster – one of the most senior chancery judges presiding in Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service.

Nevertheless, John Behrens, presiding as a QC in the High Court of Justice, struck out the FUTC claim on the totally bogus ground that the void and illegal ECRO required the trustees to ask Behrens for permission to name Bank of Scotland as a co-defendant, along with with their unlawful LPA Receivers, the day before the ECRO was issued by Norris on 26/07/2013, when he insisted at the start of a four and a half hour purported “directions hearing” that he would only allow my person to present the trustees’ applications under the Legal Services Act, as an untrained legal representative. He then proceeded to add my trade-name as a co-claimant in his eventual¬†judgment, despite vociferous protests that it is both illegal and inequitable to do so, under the Trustee Act 2000 and the Power of Attorney deed under which my trade-name was appointed to act solely in the name and under the explicit instructions of the trustees. To add further perspective, just try to imagine a high court judge making a barrister or a lawyer liable for costs in a proceeding in which their client entirely relied on their legal advice and lost.

Such a precedent is simply unsustainable in their unfathomably fucked-up system, since it would almost certainly result in a multitude of claims against the losing side’s legal representatives in any given court case, each of whom would inevitably rely on Norris’ decision to sustain their arguments. Whilst the thought of a multiplicity of suits against unscrupulous and ignorant self-serving barristers and solicitors brings a satisfying grin to my world-weary visage, this will not come to pass at the behest of Her Majesty’s Judiciary, the members of which have proven themselves time and again to be more protective of the interests of those particular professional liars than they have been of all but the banksters committing a myriad of frauds against the people. Indeed, it would fair to say that certain firms of solicitors are displaying such psychopathic aggression in their utterly disgraceful execution of hopelessly illegal warrants for possession, that it is reasonable to deduce that they are acting as if they are above the law.

A veritable coterie of crooks in gowns, wigs and badly-made expensive suits are currently attempting to bankrupt us with extortionate and illegal legal costs, before the appeal of the Extended Civil Restraint Order is even decided by one or three Lord Justices. This was predicted by HHJ Kaye QC, during a travesty of a hearing in May last year, when he stated words to the effect that we would all end up being declared bankrupt for refusing to roll over and die in this case. The void order striking out the FUTC claim was made by HHJ Behrens QC [the judge to whom “I” declared the so-called “Justice System” void for failing to deliver justice over HHJ Walton’s infamous void judgment in October 2010]. This was supposedly an order of the court’s own motion, without any application from the defendants asking for it to be made. After the trustees requested a hearing to challenge his decision, which the order itself stated they had the right to do, a hearing was listed to take place on February 11/02/13 before DJ Atherton, who is not qualified to act in an equity related high court matter.

The trustees therefore demanded a hearing before Behrens himself, following which they received an order from Atherton, vacating the listed hearing of the trustees’ application, on the spurious basis that Bank of Scotland would not be making an application for summary judgment, which we had been given no notice that they would be. The order also stated that trustees must make a written application to challenge the defendants’ application for costs to Atherton, who stated that the matter will also be settled on paper by him and without a hearing. The very next day, yet another void order arrived, made and signed once again by Behrens, this time refusing to accept the trustees’ argument that they had the right to challenge the validity of the void orders in a hearing, on the fallacious ground that the terms of the void ECRO require his permission to proceed, which he has no intention of ever granting.

The denial of access to justice is so blindingly obvious that the men involved appear to be acting as if with one mind, which must be established in evidence if the trustees decide to make private criminal complaints that these men are colluding to pervert the course of justice. As things stand, we await the court of appeal’s decision as to whether they will stay the ECRO to end the oppressive attempts to steal from my family.

Only the homes of my parents and my sister remain in the private family trust and both are at severe risk of being stolen; eleven other properties have already been fire-sold by the criminal receivers, despite the trustees making applications to cancel them all as obvious errors in the Charges Register at the Land Registry. These applications have all been referred for adjudication at the newly-formed Property Chamber, which is refusing to hear any of them until the other court proceedings have concluded, including a new claim by the banksters for ¬£2.5m in illegal interest charges on an entirely fraudulent debt. Should the court of appeal refuse the trustees’ application for permission to appeal the restraint order, there is literally no application that either they or my trade-name could make to any of their courts, without first getting permission from Behrens or Atherton.

In such a set of circumstances, the only feasible remedy left would be making private criminal complaints to a People’s Grand Jury, having already had private criminal proceedings for fraud stayed in a magistrate’s court by District Judge Earl, who agreed [at the hearing of the defendants’ applications for an order gagging the press, which was summarily denied by a different judge at a previous hearing, as well as on order staying the proceedings as “vexatious”] that he will lift the stay if the appeal of the civil restraint is successful, allowing the criminal allegations of fraud against the bank and their receivers to proceed to trial in the magistrate’s court. However, having already experienced injustice when applying to the court of appeal in 2011, we simply cannot afford to waste any time anticipating that justice will finally be done in Her Majesty’s Courts, even on this occasion. We must therefore endeavor to identify remedies outside of the thoroughly despicable and corrupt miscarriage of justice system.

I strongly urge everybody on these shores to show your support for a declaration of independence from tyrannical government and the election of a Grand Jury to hear the damning evidence of institutionalised mortgage fraud against every UK mortgage company, by spreading this post far and wide across your social networks, with a view to establishing that the will of the people is behind such a course of action. This must be done by invoking both ancient British common law and international conventions on self-determination and genocide, not just relating to the crimes of the banksters, judges, legal professionals, bailiffs and the police, but also to the other acts of genocide which the officers, agents and executives of HMG continue to perpetrate against all of us, every minute and every day.

A Call to Action for the People of Britain

Only the people can end these crimes. Expecting or hoping against hope that the system which legalised them will provide remedy strikes me right between the eyes as an act of gross futility. It is akin to asking mass murderers to protect us from homicidal maniacs who happen to work for them as contract killers. I therefore feel compelled to warn the people on these shores to use the established courts as a means of last resort or to declare the entire system void for failing to deliver justice, knowing from my own experiences that it is generally impossible for the people to obtain an equitable outcome within the private statutory jurisdiction of Her Majesty’s Criminal Government, especially when the interests of the crown and the banksters are at stake.

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End Genocide Now

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