Uni Versal Freed Om


“The electric energy which motivates us is not within our bodies at all. It is a part of the universal supply which flows through us from the Universal Source with an intensity set by our desires and our will.”

Walter Russell, from The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe.”

Out of the silent, sexless, stillness of the undivided white light of Universal Causation, was FREED the sacred syllable, OM, causing the triad of latent potential experiential states, known as consciousness, existence and bliss to form in the Creator’s Mind.

A heart-felt creative force, acting by and of itself, was then transformed into the heavenly marriage of ever-undulating electrical waves and perpetually contracting Divine Magnetism, out of which the entire cycles of life and death sprang forth, spiraling in resplendent vortices of infinite involution and evolution, in the mirror image of the purest thoughts made manifest by the only real substance in existence.

The Divine Mind manifested an electrical wave field within which individuated consciousness would be granted the sacred gift of Free Will, in the ever-giving projected Universe, divided into perfectly sexed opposites, as well as unlimited potential for transcendence to the very highest dimensions of experience and the innate longing to realise their truly divine nature, even in an almost entirely illusory material world, before their inevitable return to the undivided white light of the Creator’s Mind, from which Mankind and all the creatures of the Earth, as well as the Earth and all the planets, descended in electrical wave formations.

Fundamental Laws of the Universe

The Law of Manifestation dictates that heartfelt, focused thoughts will magnetise their subject matter into the electrical wave fields of simulated motion, which individuated consciousness experiences as the material world.

The Law of Free Will dictates that individuated consciousness is eternally free to create its own experiences of the electrical wave field of simulated motion.

The Law of Balance dictates that all projected electrical waves of simulated motion will return to stillness through Divine Magnetism.

“It (Science) is, at long last, realizing that the action universe of motion must have a fulcrum which does not move. This will lead to the placing of energy in the fulcrum Source of this universal mirage of motion instead of in the mirage-extension where Science now places it. When that day comes, science will first question the universal vacuum for CAUSE rather than search within effect for cause. When this transformation takes place in man’s thinking science will have leaped ahead one thousand years in that day.”

Dr. Walter and Lao Russell, Atomic Suicide?

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