UNIVERSAL – that which exists in the material Universe.
COMMUNITY – a group of sentient beings living together in common unity.
TRUST – the faithful reliance upon that which we cannot control.

Michael of Bernicia and the Trustees of the Universal Community of Self-Realisation have formed a community of sovereign indigenous anarcho-nations known as UNIVERSAL COMMUNITY TRUST [UCT], in order to provide every self-governed SOVEREIGN COMMUNITY TRUST within its jurisdiction the means to settle all valid financial obligations; and to acquire land and infrastructure required to build new environments, for the purposes of living freely in peace, in harmony with Nature, rather than exploiting the Earth and its inhabitants for private gain.

What’s the difference between a SOVEREIGN COMMUNITY TRUST and a PRIVATE LIVING TRUST?

Every completely autonomous SOVEREIGN COMMUNITY TRUST [SCT] is comprised of a group of PRIVATE LIVING TRUSTS [PLT], in which all property rights are and remain vested for the benefit of the next generation, in a genuine attempt to remove any and all opportunities for the future exploitation and subjugation of indigenous peoples and the monopolisation of the Earth’s resources, by providing the means by which Mankind can be free from debt slavery, perpetual war, famine, poverty, artificial scarcity and disease.

What does “my rights end where your begin” mean?

In the simplest of terms, this means that everybody has the right to do anything they choose, provided that does not prevent or inhibit the right of another to do the same and that no harm, injury, loss or damage is caused as a consequence.

By way of example, the right of one man to fill the world with loud music that makes his heart sing, is only limited by his proximity to a woman who requires complete silence to practice meditation and yoga, whose right to do so is also limited by the right of her neighbours to gather their friends in hearty and vociferous cheer at certain times of the year.

In much the same way, one family has the right to a parcel of land in the region of their birth or naturalisation, but that right is limited by the rights of other families to the same, since nobody has the right to take what is equitably and peacefully held by another. Similarly, no government has the right to take that which is rightfully held by the people.

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